I’m flying tomorrow to my second Siggraph. My first one was last year here in Vancouver. Now it’s time to check on the Asian conference. Funny thing, my main motivation to fly that far is to present a poster part of the panorama rendering project I’ve been blogging about. But now that I decided to attend, I came to realize how fantastic the courses and talks are. And we even have a Blender Birds of a Feather there, it will be really nice 🙂

For the records, and to help myself to keep track of what my plans are, this is what got me pumped up to not miss a moment of Siggraph. Mouth drowning time:

Birds of a Feather (basically a show and tell)

* Blender Foundation – Artist Showcase (I will probably be showing some of my projects there)
* Pipeline & Tools – coordinated by two LucasFilm employees


* Pre-visualisation: Assisting Filmmakers in Realizing their Vision
* Method of Induction of Basic and Complex Emotions in Video Games and Virtual Environments
* Constructing a Stereo Pipeline from Scratch: Lessons Learned from Disney’s “The Secret of the Wings”
* Story Structure for Programmers, Game Designers and Artists
(note: this workshop is presented by Craig Caldwell, professor from University of Utah, a great seasoned animator among other things, who I had a chance to watch, and chat with at View Conference (when I went to Turin to give a BGE workshop :))

Special Sessions:

* Technical Challenges of Assassin’s Creed III: Real-Time Water
Simulation and High-Quality Linear Gameplay Sequences
* The Future of Technology Innovation at Lucasfilm: Crossover between Games and Film [cancelled]
* The Visual Effects of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Uff … those will be busy days!

And as far as my computer goes things are still in bad shape. It took me 30 hours to backup the HD in a vain hope of recovering something. And when I was to finally burn a new DVD with PartedMagic, the medium I have around are not compatible with my DVD driver. So I’m going to forget about this for 2 weeks and hope for a realization that I don’t need all the lost data 😉