Desta vez não vou falar muito em português não. Se puder se aventurar pelo idioma preferido dos seriados e enlatados americanos divirta-se 🙂

Caso contrário curta os vídeos e as fotos. Foram feitos em Montreal durante minha estadia por lá para conhecer de perto o projeto do domo deles.

This week I went to Montreal for three days to test the SAT dome first hand and get know the Dome team.

It couldn’t have been better. Louis-Philippe St-Arnault is doing a great job coordinating this part of their project. Then we have Dominic (a very nice film director) co-coordinating it, Gabriel Morin (XSI talented artist) producing 3D content and Jean Guillemette (a Blender artist and instructor from Montage Studio – who recently wrote a way too flattery post in his blog about this project) working as a Blender consultant and Blender instructor. For the occasion we had also the company and assistency of Martin “teeth” Poirer (a great Blender developer who I had the pleasure to meet before in the Blender Conference).

As a result of the tests I did some videos that I hope you like it. There is also another nice thing. In May the LGM – Library Graphic Meeting  is going to happen in Montreal. Also some activities may happens in the SAT using the dome. I think it will depend if the developers/artists at LGM are interested. For example. it would be nice to have some assistance of a gimp coder to help developing a dome/fisheye gimp plugin (to input 4/5 images and have a fisheye output).

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