Hello there.

I’m running some tests and came out with an interesting workaround for fulldome productions with Blender. I still can’t completely get away of the seams, but they are pretty much unnoticeable.

Equiangular Fisheye / Truetheta (most common for dome projection):

“Mirror-wise” Fisheye (most popular for photography):

More on different kind of lens/projections here:

the method:

  •  get a predeformed mesh UV mapped (sphere, plate, …)
  • UV Node (composite)
  • linked scenes with camera set to unique and rotated.

It will work nicely only with Blender 2.49a (for a Map UV node fix after 2.49).
To get a load of how it would work for real, I’m posting here the file I used as well. This File contains:

  1. MainScene – the main scene, it’s not being rendered. However this is the scene where the camera IPO is setup.
  2. MainSceneLeft/Right/Top/Bottom – Linked scenes with the a 90º FOV camera rotating to compose a cubemap.
  3. Uvs – a scene with the UV used to remap the forementioned scenes
  4. Composite – a node composition using the UVs calculated in of the scene to distort the scenes.

Test file:

Youtube videos:

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Craps – The Magnificent Craps Terms

Craps is a specific game that requires specific skills and knowledge. We are going to help you to play craps online, explaining craps strategy and craps systems. But first look at the craps casino online comparison below. Needless to say, to play craps or any Cosmik Casino games, one needs to know the terms of the respective terms. Here are they for the particular game of craps:


The leading player is called Shooter – it is a player who throws the dice; Come out throw – the shooter makes the first before he establishes the Point or after he has established the Point. This throw is needed to win the Pass Line bet by throwing seven or eleven.


Pass Line bet is lost, if the Come-Out bet gives two, three or twelve. If you have seven, eleven, two, three or twelve, the shooter repeats the Come-Out. If you have any other number he establishes the Point. Point – this is a number (four, five, six, eight, nine or ten), which should be thrown by a shooter to win a bet called Pass Line. Set Point – it means that the come-out roll gives the Point. Make a Point – it means that after the Point number is established the shooter rolls again. Once the Point is installed, the repeating Point wins the Pass Line bet, seven loses it and the other numbers do not affect this rate. Playing any round of craps the shooter throws the dice until you drop the Point or seven. Box Cars – it means that the shooter throw a pair of 6. Craps Out – it means that the shooter’s come-out brings two, three or twelve.

More Terms To Remember


Free odds – this term means a bet that is recommended to be made only after you have enough money to risk. In general, the bet called  Free odds is an additional bet in the game made on the dice, which is placed immediately after the come-out stage if the sum is equal to 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. Before starting to play the second stage you can increase your bet and thus make the Free odds.


And finally, take into account that everything is important in craps. Perseverance is superior gambler's quality, which should be a dominant quality of a good player in craps. It is very difficult to make the dice revolve around one axis that's why you should practice your captures day after day, give a perfect cubes rotation during the throw, because even the location of the body plays a very important role in the winning. Craps dice should be always with you and you should train every minute. Pick a place like http://www.cosmikcasino.co/ and start practicing all of these tips today!