Movies have scripts, videogames have scripts, so why not a Python script can have its own?

* Note: this post may be too nerdy technical for your taste. If you simply want to check the add-on you can get it here *

Saturday night, I had a really good time and wasn’t planning to sleep any soon. After the long afternoon enjoying the scenarios of Tuscany and Florence to play Assassin’s Creed II was also out of question.

So why not “geek” out and start some personal project?

Have you ever been to It’s a very nice website used to quickly share a text, an image or a .blend file. It’s used by a lot of Blender developers and bug reporters to avoid flooding emails and IRC channels with tons of pasted lines of code. I personally use it often to share patches or python scripts and being a lazy person an exigent user never got used to all the necessary steps I need to go through to have my text shared there (it’s actually pretty simple, but well, I’m a hard to please user ;)) screenshot

With no big pretensions but to amuse myself, I decided to create an add-on (a.k.a. plugin) to integrate PasteAll within Blender 2.5. This was also a good way to learn the recent changes in the API.

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