Android Hello World

An image is certainly talkative. But if I may complement:

I recently got an Android phone (Nexus S). This model is marketed as a development cellphone. And it’s indeed. If you are developing any application for the mobile you can connect it through the USB port and debug your app from your desktop while it runs inside the phone. It’s amazing 🙂

My interest with android development was deeply inspired by the fantastic work that has been done for the Game Kit project. This game engine is compatible with Blender, runs on diverse desktops (Windows, Linux and Mac) and can be compiled for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and guess what? … Android.

The support for Android is still not 100%. Something seem broken with their graphic layer. But I expect this to be fixed very soon. In the mean time, if you are as anxious as me, you can do some ASCII art in the framework they provide. Real 3D render still has to wait.

I still see the Blender Game Engine as a strong prototyping tool. But it’s nice to see other publishing alternatives.

Dalai Felinto

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