Esta chegando a quinta edicao da BlenderPRO.

Vou colaborar com uma palestra, uma oficina sobre python para producao em Blender e auxiliar na oficina do Ton possivelmente.

Este ano vai ser epico, o publico presente, a cidade, o pessoal da organizacao …. Nao vejo a hora de chegar em Salvador.

Blender Pro 2011 from Blender Pro Salvador on Vimeo.

Entao se ainda nao fez sua inscricao corra e se programe: 9 a 12 de Novembro em Salvador, Bahia

Dalai Felinto

Hello there,

I’ll have to be brief because we are still in the middle of the conference and I need to rest for the last day tomorrow.

This year I have decided not to submit any presentation at the Blender Conference (it has been 3 years in a row presenting projects, I thought people should get a break from me). Nevertheless, I felt into the mistake of telling Ton that I’m going to give a talk + a workshop at the BlenderPRO in Brazil. I suggested that if he needed more content for the conference, I would gladly make translate my material for that conference.

I didn’t hear back from him (or may have missed something). And guess what I found yesterday in the conference schedule? You are right, I was officially responsible to give a 1 hour presentation about Python and Blender for artists that haven’t (or are scared of) touching code.

Yesterday I couldn’t really work in the presentation (I went to the Rainbow Warriors inauguration party – the new GreenPeace boat – really nice). So today I had one hour to put together the slides.

presentation slides (2.2MB)

crossword sample file /only the script (< 1MB)

Once again, I apologize for people that attended the talk and had to see a presentation done in such a rush (luckily I have been gathering examples from my previous projects). I hope people got something worth of their time there ;)

Extra Extra

Another file I forgot/didn’t have time to show is the “image_change” add-on. The file with the documentation and the script can be found here: (133 kb) + (12 MB). It’s an addon to help pencil tests artists (i.e. to have 2d animation loops textures controlled automatically and animatable. I still have to update the file to use the change_frame callbacks, but that will be later (right now it’s using the “old” pydriver script link hack, worthy checking). The first take on this (pre-addon) was for the Detail Library Pencil Test.

Additionally, although worthy a separated post, I updated my file for offline dome rendering. I was showing it for some friends at the conference and may as well share here: fulldome_rendering_pak.blend (< 1MB).

I believe Blender is actually ready to have a python add-on to handle the whole dome rendering automatically. I have no time to explore this idea right now, but if someone wants to give it a try and need help let me know.

Any questions don’t hesitate in contacting me. And follow me on twitter: @dfelinto

Extra, this is the Dr. Epilepsy demo I mentioned: