It is with a great weight in my heart that I have to announce the decease of my external Mac keyboard :/

I was calling an online store to complain about my air conditioner purchase (Summer is on us already) and I ended up dropping some chocolate ice-cream on top of the keyboard. I could salvage what was left of the ice-cream, however I can no longer type 7UJM in the keyboard.

I may or may not use some of these keys for 99% of my passwords, so it was time to retire my old keyboard. Truth be told, I had it for way too long. Since after the Cosmic Sensation project I felt in love for it. Considering that this was back in 2010, and the keyboard was super bendy, it was about time.

So why to talk about it? Leaving the mourning aside, typing in a laptop with no external keyboard is tricky. The touchpad tends to get on the way more often than not. Specially in my case since for some reason the touchpad is particularly bumpy.

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