Thanks to Blend4Web, there is a very straightforward way of embedding a 3D model from Blender into Facebook. I couldn’t let this pass, and I gave it a go today. If you want to check out the “app”, it is publicly available here (if the app fails to load, disable Ghostery or similar active addons).

The trickiest part for me was to enable https in my server (which is required by Facebook). Apart from that, everything was pretty straightforward (the navigation in the app is the default built-in viewer from Blend4Web).

I would like to thank Cícero Moraes and his team, for sharing the 3D model with me, and allowing me to re-share it via Facebook.

Technical sheet:

Saint Anthony, facial forensic reconstructed in 3D by Cícero Moraes, Paulo Miamoto phD and team.

This project was part of Ebrafol (Equipe Brasileira de Antropologia Forense e Odontologia Legal) activities, made possible thanks to a plethora of open source tools.

The final digital file was made with Blender 3D, and is shown here exported via Blend4Web.

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