Are you stuck on Microsoft Visual Studio, with Window 10 Anniversary Edition and missing QTCreator features such as rename refactoring?


Just like QT Creator, I need it, and I want it now!

I found an interesting free extension of MSVC named “Visual C++ Refactoring”. You can get it here.


Easy, right? However if you got an error message because your .NET Framework has a different version hear me out:

  • Rename the file you downloaded from .vsix to .zip and unzip it.
  • In the extension.vsixmanifest find the line:

<Dependency Id=”Microsoft.Framework.NDP” DisplayName=”Microsoft .NET Framework” Version=”4.5″ />;

  • Replace the .NET Framework version from 4.5 to yours, save and close the file.

If you don’t know which .NET Framework versions you have installed follow this guide.


In my case the version (394802) wasn’t even listed in the Microsoft guide, so I used 4.6.

  • Zip all the extension files, and rename it back to .vsix

And that’s all!


If you need a hand with the .vsix editing, you can dowload my altered version here (106Kb).

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2 Thoughts on “MSVC Rename Refactoring

  1. Mr. Felinto this is related to the creation of blender interface?
    I would also like to ask you this because I do not find reliable information about it, and even in stack exchange it is a real problem with the headhunters and the fandoms
    No one knows what to tell me that is used to create the blender interface until version 2.79b (GTK, QTxxx, wsWindows)

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