Here at the studio we got a 3d printer from LulzBot. And what a joy!


I wanted to 3d model and print some tokens for Star Wars Destiny. I started by modeling the crates, based on the 3D version of the Rebels TV show.


The model is very simple, basically a mesh with a stack of five Mirror modifiers. I decided on 13mm as the final size of the model. This is as big as the yellow limit of the original token. Since this is really small for this printer, I had to collapse the edges in the middle.


Final tuning of geometry


Original token as reference, and first line of printing


Straight from the oven, get while it is (230°C hot)


Voilá! Now we only need some papersanding and we are good to go.

That was a good start. But what about the helmets (as known as shield tokens)? This is a bit more tricky. It been awhile since I last did some serious modelling. My topology skills are so rusty it hurts 🙂

I started by gathering references online, and for my surprise I got a nice set of photos.


The original token from the game is based on the Boba Fett helmet. I like that one, but I wanted to model the new trooper helmet instead (the one Finn uses). It was a bit tricky to align, scale and rotate the images for the reference, but I’m really glad I found those.


Initial modelling

I once again had to collapse the edges for the final geometry. And true be told, I wasn’t happy with the final exported STL. So I ended up triangulating the model in Blender and doing some extra tweaking.


I wasn’t happy with the “top” view as well, so I made a mix of the new helmet with the classic more “bulgy” helmets for the back part.


If Yoda knew you could just print them 🙂


Clone Wars !!!

I messed up the topology a bit, so I had to sand paper a lot. I left them printing overnight so it wasn’t like I could print one, check, fix, and print the rest. Anyways, mission accomplished!


The force is strong with this one.


  • Before even start to model, change your scene units to “Milimeters”.
  • When exporting the STL file, remember to check “Selection Only” and “Scene Unit”.



Big thanks for Andy Goralczyk for overlooking the crate production and sharing years of experiences with me. Thank you buddy!

And of course, thanks for Lulzbot for the excellent print 🙂

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  1. Daniel on January 24, 2017 at 7:31 am said:

    Excelent work! Thanks

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