Desta vez não vou falar muito em português não. Se puder se aventurar pelo idioma preferido dos seriados e enlatados americanos divirta-se 🙂

Caso contrário curta os vídeos e as fotos. Foram feitos em Montreal durante minha estadia por lá para conhecer de perto o projeto do domo deles.

This week I went to Montreal for three days to test the SAT dome first hand and get know the Dome team.

It couldn’t have been better. Louis-Philippe St-Arnault is doing a great job coordinating this part of their project. Then we have Dominic (a very nice film director) co-coordinating it, Gabriel Morin (XSI talented artist) producing 3D content and Jean Guillemette (a Blender artist and instructor from Montage Studio – who recently wrote a way too flattery post in his blog about this project) working as a Blender consultant and Blender instructor. For the occasion we had also the company and assistency of Martin “teeth” Poirer (a great Blender developer who I had the pleasure to meet before in the Blender Conference).

As a result of the tests I did some videos that I hope you like it. There is also another nice thing. In May the LGM – Library Graphic Meeting  is going to happen in Montreal. Also some activities may happens in the SAT using the dome. I think it will depend if the developers/artists at LGM are interested. For example. it would be nice to have some assistance of a gimp coder to help developing a dome/fisheye gimp plugin (to input 4/5 images and have a fisheye output).

I’m finally back from Montreal, and I’m starting to get tired of airports.

In fact a funny thing happened this time. I got their at 6:15, and my flight was at 7:00.
I did the check-in online, but I went to the airport in the hope to print the boarding pass there.
However the machine refused my reservation code and gave the message: “please contact one of our operators” (or some similar sad text).

The AirCanada employee told me to get into the (huge) line.
The line was so big that I thought the flights were delayed. However when it was my time to “check-in” (in fact just print my board pass) it was already 6:45, and the lady told me I had lost my flight.


She told me I could try to buy another ticket for the next fly, but I was unlikely to find a sit (they were really having troubles with Toronto’s flights today)… C$ 120 + tax… OMG
It’s fine(ish) for I didn’t pay to get know Montreal, but c’mon!
I don’t forget her words: “When you pay for a cheap fare (Tango), you must be here in time” (2 hours in advance for a domestic fly? are you kidding?)

After wasting some time and energy complaining I said:
I’m not blaming you, I’m asking for  your help. What are my options?
Sweet, don’t you think?

Of course it didn’t work, haahahha. Then I asked for trains and she told me to ask in another place in the airport.
I thought: “well, if I take a train it’s not going to be that expensive, and I can use the time to work/study/draw/sleep
After getting there … no way. The last train left the airport at 6:45 and I would need to go to downtown to MAYBE find a sit tonight.
When I asked the price of the train ticket another discussing surprise: C$140.00 + tax . WHAT? It’s cheaper to fly than to take a train?
After considering that the taxi to Downtown was C$38.00 and I didn’t know where to go, I gave in and joined the “Ticket Purchase” line.

Believe-me, if wasting money is not good at all, wasting dollars is completely awful. (even worse it’s to waste Euro or Pound, but this is a story for another day 🙂 )

What I would need to eat if I stayed in Montreal for longer :p

At this time I was wondering: “Where did my luck go to? what God (or AirCanada) is trying to teach me here? :p
So on, desolated I went into the new line.

While waiting there, promising myself to try hard to get in time for my next flight(s) I listened to some people talking about booking a hotel, or how hard it was to go to Toronto. It was really strange because I wasn’t the only one trying to go from Montreal to Toronto that night (ok this is obvious, what I mean is: I wasn’t the only one trying to get a final hour ticket by all means).

In the mean time I tried to use some of the Buddhism “techniques” I have in hand for extreme cases like that. Basically I tried to accept the fact that I would spend more money and there is nothing else I could do. Therefore it didn’t help to get pissed off with AirCanada or blaming myself for being Brazilian late. In the end I was calm and I was only thinking about how neat would be to get a fly before 10:00 so I still could get at York University by subway.

Now the incredible part. When it was my time to go to be attended, a new employee shift started (not that this add much to the story but however ;). The new woman asked me how she could help me.

Here is our dialog:
She: “Bon soir” (oui, ils parlant en Francais a Montreal 🙂 )
me: “Bon soir. I lost my flight, and the woman at the check-in told me to come here to get a new ticket“. (in English because it was such a long time I don’t study French).
She: “Did you missed it? Or you couldn’t make it for the line?” (she really said something like that)
me: “well…” (here my well-trained self-pitty face does help :p) “I did the check-in but my reservation code wasn’t working. The AirCanada employee told me to get in the line. It took so long in the line that I missed the fly. For the woman at the check-in told me to come here to get a new ticket“. (the fact that she told me to pay for it was implicit, or so I thought).
She: “ok, any luggage. No? Well here is your new ticket. You fly at 9:00“.

What? it’s easy like that? no extra fees? no “I will never again fly by AirCanada” empty threatens?

A new ticket and a smile? I should get off before she changes her mind …
hey, I even got a sit by the window ! hahahahaha

And here I am. Still chocked at this episode. I really had a lot of problems with AirCanada since I got here, but I’m glad some of their employees can be that nice. I wonder if this was luck, or misinformation from the other employee. Even though I was late, their line was worse than what you commonly find even in Brazilian airports.

Late for a flight? never again 🙂

Take care,

* a big thank you for the SAT team. I’m really glad to help it and get involved with this project. I’m learning a lot in the process.

* this time AirCanada didn’t allow me to bring my shaving cream in my hand baggage. I foreseen a loooong beard growing up.

6 Thoughts on “Aventures à l’aeroport de Montréal, Dome e outras histórias

  1. Loooong beard??? C’mom dalai… As if you were like Russel Crowe!! haha

    Are you really coming to Sica’s feb 18th?

  2. Beto Pimentel on February 12, 2009 at 5:33 pm said:

    Ótima estória.
    Air Canada é sempre meio bagunçada. Saudades do tempo da Canadian, que era um primor de companhia (e voava do Rio!). De mais a mais, esse sistema de check-in eletrônico é odioso. Agora experimente ter esse tipo de problema com uma criança de colo. É fuedegas.
    Da última vez em que a Maira participou da reunião anual da empresa dela em Montreal a gente foi antes para Toronto e ficamos na casa de amigos (na verdade em Orilia, depois de Barrie, no lago Simcoe). Daí ela voou Webjet (mais barato e sem as encrencas da Air Canada) e dois dias depois eu levei o Renato de trem (Toronto-Montreal). Comprando com antecedência pela internet você consegue tarifas bem menores (acho que paguei Ca$ 40 cada). A viagem é linda (deve ser maravilhosamente linda no outono) e vai de centro a centro. Fomos depois a pé até o hotel da Maira, na René Levescque.
    O saldo positivo é que você ganhou uma boa história para contar.
    P.D.: Não tente entender os canadenses. Apenas sorria e acene.

  3. Ola Dalai,

    Crazy story indeed, so you’re still in Canada!
    How do you survive those guys all that time in the first place!? Congratulations, you made a great effort!

    Nice to see your work at the dome!



  4. Hello,

    We should talk.

    I run the Dome at the University of Plymouth, in the UK. We have some connections with SAT already through IDAT, and Rene (I think that was his name) came to an immersive cinema conference we hosted. We’ve also done some work recently getting PureData dome correceted with another Monreal guy called Mark Frenel. But, most of all I’m a complete Blender head, I’ve been using it for maybe 10 years.
    I’ve hacked Yafray to produce a fisheye, and was have been trying out your BGE mods. Good stuff!


  5. That’s great, Dalai! (not the missing fly part, obviously…)

    When you put together a great open source app and a talented guy to add or change a feature, that’s what you get! 🙂

    Congrats on that, and I endorse what Jean Guillemette said. 🙂

  6. @Pete:
    That’s really interesting. It would be really interesting to have more Domes to test the solutions and work together in the better workflow and interface for that.

    For the offline rendering, I don’t think we can use the same approach in Blender and in Yafray. Blender is not a full full-raytrace render, for other methods should be applied.

    I will certainly write you 🙂 Thanks for the contact.

    That’s nothing compared to make dancing food 🙂 After 24 years I still can’t dance samba. For making a bean pack and a sugar pack to dance it in less than 5 days? You rock, dude!

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