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I’m running some tests and came out with an interesting workaround for fulldome productions with Blender. I still can’t completely get away of the seams, but they are pretty much unnoticeable.

Equiangular Fisheye / Truetheta (most common for dome projection):

“Mirror-wise” Fisheye (most popular for photography):

More on different kind of lens/projections here:

the method:

  •  get a predeformed mesh UV mapped (sphere, plate, …)
  • UV Node (composite)
  • linked scenes with camera set to unique and rotated.

It will work nicely only with Blender 2.49a (for a Map UV node fix after 2.49).
To get a load of how it would work for real, I’m posting here the file I used as well. This File contains:

  1. MainScene – the main scene, it’s not being rendered. However this is the scene where the camera IPO is setup.
  2. MainSceneLeft/Right/Top/Bottom – Linked scenes with the a 90º FOV camera rotating to compose a cubemap.
  3. Uvs – a scene with the UV used to remap the forementioned scenes
  4. Composite – a node composition using the UVs calculated in of the scene to distort the scenes.

Test file:

Youtube videos:

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