This October has been a fantastic month. It started with the Cosmic Sensation project. I’ve been talking about this project very briefly, here and there. Yet is not the time to cover it into details. But making long short in the last month the project finally got to its end, and it was amazing. It involved working with the Blender Game Engine, a 30 meters immersive dome and cosmic rays sensors. The reason why now is not the time to exhaust the topic is because in a few days I’m going to present it in the Blender Conference o/. It’s always a joy to attend this annual Blender international meeting and having something interesting to show there is even more rewarding.

Cosmic Sensation

I remember when I started with Blender some years ago that there were not so many professional showcases of what Blender could do, what people were doing with it. Nowadays it’s easier to find (really) nice projects made with Blender, however the Blender Game Engine still lacks some show and tell in my opinion. So whenever I have the chance (and thanks God it has been a few in the past months) to talk about the BGE I feel like giving myself a gift. It’s a bit like this blog. In the end I’m the target audience here 🙂 It’s as if I’m trying to please another Dalai that may be out there reading it and cheering together. Anyhow the presentation is going to be in the first day in one of the first hours (right after the key note actually). If you want to hear more about science, dome and some possibilities with realtime technology you are more than welcomed to watch the online stream (11:30am Amsterdam time – keep an eye on for the link of the streams). Also sharing the stage will be my friend and Blender artist Mike Pan. Together with Martins Upitis they were the art production/creation team in the final phase of the project. So stay tuned !

View Conference

Also in the same month, in the same continent: since I’m taking the time to cross the ocean, I may as well make the best out of it. Riccardo Covino – a friend, a great artist and someone I have been working with in a BGE project – is on charge of Blender workshops to be hosted during the VIEW Conference in Turin, Italy. The VIEW Conference (for my surprise) is a huge event, full of big names in the animation industry and a really condensed schedule (one of those that make you second guess whether you should bother taking time to eat). Being in Italy of course to eat is one of the priorities. And on top of that – to make my attendance in Pixar’s talks even more complicated – I will be given one workshop on the Blender Game Engine. I felt quite honorated with this opportunity and I will do my best to gather more users to our beloved engine. Get your buzzword dictionary ready, for this is the abstract of the workshop:

Production Pipeline with the Blender Game Engine

This workshop will introduce the audience to one of the most famous open source game engines. Starting with basic examples, such as pre-made assets for a simple logic game. After covering the basis we go over more complex files exploring (and modifying) them while understanding their design. The ultimate goal is to provide to all the participants of the workshop a real taste of how Blender Game Engine has being used for professionals in the industry.

It’s nice to see the Blender Game Engine figuring side-by-side with other Blender functionality showoff (there will be workshops on Fluids, Smoke, Post processing, …). I will see if write about it once it’s done and put the sample files online. The Cosmic Sensation project will also be spotted again here once the talk at the Blender Conference is done.

Break a leg, shall we? 😉

Take care,

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  1. VIEWConference 2010 on November 4, 2010 at 8:54 am said:

    Hello everyone,
    I am Joseph and I am writing from the offices of the VIEWConference 2010 organization, the annual exhibition dedicated to
    world of computer graphics, digital cinema, 3D animation and VFX for that year was held in Torino. On behalf of all the staff and director of VIEWConference, Maria Elena Gutierrez, wanted thank all those who have attended our events and also all those in lighthouses and forum
    blogs have said about us.
    Remember, without your presence and your contribution VIEWConference would not be possible, we thank you very warmly and give you an appointment at the next edition.
    Follow the site
    See you soon

  2. Paulo Bardes on November 16, 2010 at 3:06 pm said:

    Muito legal sua apresentação na blender conference (um pouquinho atrasado) mas realmente fiquei com vontade de ver esse domo. Parabéns e boa sorte com o seus projetos/trabalhos.

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