Render with ARLuxrender (branch of luxrender). A small teaser from a paper I’m writing with Aldo Zang (arlux developer). Try to guess what is real and what is fake here 😉

Render of the week - Blender + luxrender (arlux)


Background Plate + Lighting - captured environment


Against all the odds the sofas are real (so far it seems that most people tend to think they are the 3d elements). The carpet is pure 3D though (well, based of a 2D image actually). The spheres are also 3d, but we have a lot of the scene elements modeled as “support meshes”. That’s how the spheres can get the right reflection and lighting.

Also can you see what the carpet is covering ?
Ah, and this image has no post-processing or compositing on it. It comes blended with the real elements straight from the render.


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