A quick proof of concept test for the following technique:

  • environment re-mapped into the couch (sofa) – using IBL Toolkit
  • shape-key deformed and animated geometry

The final goal is to have the mapping handled internally by the render engine (Luxrender, although I used Cycles for this test). That way the light support geometry (e.g. the ceiling) can be transformed as well and the shadows should dance around.

They are two key elements here, to help  to produce this effect.

Sofa modeled using the background plate as reference

First of all we need to model the sofa geometry. For that we need to project the background in the 3d view as it will look in the final render. This is accomplished with a GLSL filter running on top of the 3dview.

Sofa UV mapped to the background panorama

The second part is to project the UV to match the original image. This would be really tricky if the object were in the edge of the image, but for this case is more doable. Both those problems are handled by IBLToolkit.

(and yes, I know the animation could be better and I could map only one of the pillows. This is a quick tech test though ;))

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