Do you know Momo? He is a cute little monkey traumatized from being a second character in the Yo Frankie game project. Now what if you could carry Momo with you wherever you go? Your dream is closing to come true!

(wth are you writing about? — if I had an editor for my blog she would probably write that down)

Alex Ku is working in the Google Summer of Code 2012 to bring porting the Blender Game Engine to the Android platform. His work is progressing smoothly and there are already some visible-shareable results. Today he announced the first Blenderplayer.apk release, so I couldn’t help but testing it.

So it works, is that all? well, not really. There are still bugs and non-supported features. But skinning-armature, mouse click, glsl shaders (partially), physics they all work.

This sample file is part of the examples that go with the book I’m finishing up writing with Mike Pan. We are already on author review stage, so I should be able to talk more about it soon. Since I’m ‘giving the file away’ anyways I may as well explain it 🙂 This file showcase the use of dynamic parenting and bone parenting in BGE. It’s a good technique for character customization (as you can see with the hats).

Kudos for Alex Ku’s work and all the other developers that are helping this project,

9 Thoughts on “Happy Monday: Android and BGE Tests

  1. Awesome :), i really like this for obvious reasons (for our beloved blender in the marKet ), good luck with the other tests Mike and Dalai, beautiful future for our blender !

  2. if all goes well this could also be a neato benchmarking tool! so much fun stuff ahead. 😀

  3. seems your ftp is down – can’t dl the test file.

  4. admin on June 25, 2012 at 9:21 pm said:

    Hi Sean (et al), ftp fixed. I moved the file to the wrong folder, but it should all be working now.

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  6. Parabens cara! É muito bom ver um porjeto importante como esse tormando forma na tela de um computaor e agora de um celular!

  7. Amazing work. I hope this isn’t a dumb question but will you be able to implement bullet in the player?

    • admin on June 28, 2012 at 5:39 pm said:

      Hi Thomas. Bullet is already working, I don’t think Alex had any problems porting it. The functionalities more likely to be a problem are rendering (the android uses a very particular implementation of OpenGL and the BGE has to be ported into it) and performance as a whole. Anything that runs on the CPU shouldn’t be a problem (although in my test, animation behaves inconsistently – it may be a problem with the Logic Bricks though).

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