Sometimes I have this coding itch, that doesn’t let me do anything until I’m done with developing an idea. I actually thought that I wouldn’t bother implementing the mockups I did earlier today. But in my way home I realized the implementation was actually trivial. With no further delays, the next screen is not a mockup, but a real screenshot from a patched Blender:

You are right Momo, groovy!

The complete patch is in the Blender Tracker, but the essence of the code is:

//given xco, yco and percentage
int barsize = 60;
// draw in black first
glColor3ub(0, 0, 0);
    glVertex2f(xco + 1 + barsize, yco + 10);
    glVertex2f(xco + (1 - percentage) * barsize - 1, yco + 10);
    glVertex2f(xco + 1 + (1 - percentage) * barsize - 1, yco - 1);
    glVertex2f(xco + barsize, yco - 1);

Any comments and feedbacks are still appreciated.
Time to sleep 😉

4 Thoughts on “Game Engine Debug Info – Patch

  1. Cool! CoolCoolCool! Great improvement and speedy implementation time! Congrats!


  2. Looks very good.
    But I think the bars on the right looks better.

    • Thanks Sparazza and HG1.

      Regarding where to place the bars: I thought that having them in the right give a sense of where is 100%. While in the left we may have to add yet more visual noise by adding a ‘end’ line or something. Don’t you think?

  3. For the records, I committed the less radical-approach presented in the previous post (aka bars on the right) with some tweaks. It will be in Blender 2.66 or you can test it now in a graphical build

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