This is a casual recording of the Map Range Node commit (available in Blender svn snapshots or in the future Blender 2.65).

We present different uses for this new node, including atmospheric effect and background blender composite techniques; and a neat post-production stereoscopic 3d depth based system (demonstrated in Tears of Steel). Also, we show the real time of the commit, and the feature available in another computer – we hope this encourage more people to build their own Blender builds.


This new Blender feature was elaborated during the days prior to the BlenderPRO 2012, in Brasília.
In this video you see in order of appearance:

Flag of Brazil –
BlenderPRO 2012 –
Dalai Felinto –
Roberto Roch –
Sebastian König –
Daniel Salazar –

I would like to thank the Fundação Banco do Brasil for believing and supporting the importance of Blender as a digital, artistic and social inclusion tool. They are a major partner (aka sponsor) of the BlenderPRO this year. Thanks to their substantial support we were able to gather so many Blender professionals in the same place, which, as I hope this video demonstrates, is the necessary fuel for collaborative development.

I also would like to personally thank the organization team of the BlenderPRO this year. The event hasn’t yet even started, but it’s already been a very interesting exchange of experience, ideas, …

5 Thoughts on “Map Range Node commit – BlenderPRO 2012

  1. vitos1k on November 15, 2012 at 7:57 am said:

    Dalai you should become a director not developer 🙂
    great node, guys!

  2. Did that with a node group two weeks ago… almost… Had start and depth as input, then just subtracted start from z depth and divided (and clamped) with depth.

    But one thing I can’t figure out right now is how to get the undeformed object coordinates in cycles render nodes. The texture coordinate nodes object output give the deformed coordinates – but I want the undeformed (edit mode) coordinate so I can box-map a texture that stick with the surface when the object deform…. Such a simple thing and sooo hard to figure out…

  3. Awesome!
    Very useful, and definitely a positive change (the guesswork needed to make the map values node is really annoying)

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. moema quintanilha on November 19, 2012 at 2:43 pm said:

    Genial! Bacana também de poder assistir o clima de alegria, descontração e cooperação em que voces trabalham! Felicidade a todos!

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