What if we could work in a stereoscopic 3d animation and wanted to preview the work in the viewport? Hopefully that will soon be possible in Blender (in my version of Blender at least :p ).

Click to see the complete interface

Click to see the complete interface – model courtesy of patazstudio.com

After finishing the dome-stereo support (I got it all working now ! ūüėČ ) in Cycles, I decided to investigate how would be to support stereo in perspective (non-fisheye) mode. The full disclaimer will come once things are in a better shape, but I gotta say, it’s fun coding.

One thing I’m trying to figure out is what should be builtin in the Blender C code, and what should be implemented at an addon level. People have been doing stereo renders one way or another, so I’m confident that as long as we provide the bare-bones of stereoscopic support, they will be happy. In the links below there is actually a really nice addon for Blender 2.6.

mirrored test - BMW model courtesy of mikepan.com

Cycles Stereo 3D Render – Mirrored Display – BMW model courtesy of mikepan.com

I have mixed feelings about stereo-3d movies. But in the last Siggraph Asia I attended the most spectacular workshop on “Constructing a Stereo Pipeline from Sratch” by Disney Stereographer¬†Vladimir Sierra. This changed the way I see 3d movies, and reinforce to me the importance of attending those conferences whenever possible. Even nicer when you go to present a project ūüôā

That said, I never worked in a stereo-3d production and I don’t want to limit the possibilities here by my experience. To help with that I’m counting on 3D artist Francesco Siddi¬†to help with designing a nice workflow¬†proposal.

Coming up next: a crowd-funding to get me a real 3D Display :p
(kidding, though I wouldn’t mind)

My own reference links:

  • NVidia presentation on Siggraph 2011 on Stereoscopy (pdf)
  • 3D Movie Making by Bernard Mendiburu (book)
  • Cinema Stereoscopico by Francesco Siddi (book¬†– Italian)
  • Blender 2.6 Stereoscopic Rendering Addon by Sebastian Schneider (link)
  • 3D Fulldome – Teaser (link)

2 Thoughts on “3D in the Viewport? – Teaser

  1. Wow this is really cool! Very nice work. When this is finished would it be possible to output an interlaced video for use with 3d video screens? Also Oculus rift support would be really cool. I’m guessing the SDK for the rift is available to anyone who wants it but if not and your interested in it I could I could pass it along (I bought a rift but haven’t recieved it yet). Anyway great work! I love that your bringing stereo 3d to blender, Thanks!

    • admin on May 15, 2013 at 6:05 pm said:

      Hi Brian, Interlaced images is definitively in the roadmap.

      As for Oculus Rift I definitively heard about it, but I’m not sure yet of its specs. Or more specifically what kind of input does it require. I know it is originally intended for realtime, so there may be limitations for offline stills/video support.

      I don’t know how the SDK would help for that. I would expect them to provide a software to load images/videos if that’s possible. It’s a matter of figuring out how those images need to be.

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