For a “tinkering” developer there is no satisfaction like trying your code into production and have it working out of the box. I’ve been coding the 3-D stereo support for the multiview branch with no stereoscopic display, so today was the first time I could see it in action… and it works 😉

I tested top-bottom, side-by-side and interlaced (windowed and fullscreen). For interlaced windowed mode the “swap left-right images” is particularly important.

Caminandes - 3-D still courtesy of

Caminandes – 3-D still courtesy of

The one thing I didn’t test is the pageflip functionality. I came to the realization that my laptop doesn’t support 120Hz displays. I heard it’s working though, so I’m at ease.

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Maria Lantin, director of the Stereographic 3D Centre of Emily Carr university of art + design for so kindly open the doors and let me play with their “toys”. The same goes for her lab research team,  in particular Alan Goldman, Denise Quesnel and Sean Arden for taking the time to show their latest (extremely cool) projects and to help setting me up with the 3-D display and projector. And last and not least, for my friend Dr. Barry Po for connecting me with them (thanks Barry!).

For my own records: with the BenQ projector they are using a 3D-XL 3D Projector Adapter from Optoma to convert side-by-side or top-bottom inputs to time-sequential format.

And if you like the Llama, make sure to check the short movie Caminandes.

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6 Thoughts on “… and it works !

  1. John Cox on June 10, 2013 at 6:58 pm said:

    Hi Dalai,

    I’ve been playing with your branch on an autostereoscopic screen for about a week and the
    side-by-side stereo works great. The only issue is that the mouse cursor isn’t mapped properly to the
    screen — do you think this is a wip issue or down to my hardware?

  2. admin on June 11, 2013 at 7:40 am said:

    Hi John, I’m glad to hear it’s working in your setup as well.

    I’m impressed it works with an autostereo screen. Do you know how many internal views the display interpolates based on the side-by-side input?

    Anyways, the mouse is still wip. I need to find a way to handle it in a different way, so it should in both “sides”. For regular 3-D displays a workaround is to use the interlaced mode. But I’m not sure your display can use that.

  3. I’ve been wanting stereo 3D in blender for a long time now. I once succeeded in using screepcapturing and a VJ program. It’s great fun seeing things in 3D for real!

    When will you be allowing us to use 3D background images (an left & right image ) with the cameras so we can easily throw 3D objects into S3D videos?

    I tried it 2 years ago, and sorta succeeded, but I’d really like to do this without all the trouble.


    • Hi Paul,
      This is certainly on my plans. Unfortunately I had to leave the multiview branch away for awhile, but I’m slowing resuming the work there.

      Thanks for your enthusiasm, and I hope you can help testing the branch.

  4. Aurosutru on July 15, 2013 at 11:54 am said:

    Hi Dalai,

    When I saw your great progress with 3D in Blender I decide to get a popular passive AOC 23-inch 3D monitor. Like you, I had hoped your work would be in 2.68, but would now like to follow along as it progresses toward 2.69.

    Compiling Blender from trunk works fairly well in Ubuntu 13.04, so with a very slow rural Internet connection it seemed easiest to use the SVN switch command, as suggested on Blender.StackExchange to switch to the multiview branch. The result half compiles, then fails with Cmake and Scons when trying to compile openexr_api.cpp, which needs ImfPartHelper.h but it is not found. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

    Hopefully this isn’t considered too specific for your blog – is there a better place to discuss such issues?

    BTW, the games that allow one to post comments like this don’t work in Chromium browser. I’m trying again in Firefox.

    • Hi Aurosotru,
      Your other comment also went through actually, but I was on vacation mode so left the pending messages for later (now 😉 ).

      The problem you are getting is because there is a bug with the install setup for the EXR libraries. Basically the ImfPartHelper.h library is not copied automatically together with the other headers. This was already fixed in Blender for OSX and Windows, but for Linux if you are building your own libraries you have to do that yourself.

      I’ll try to keep the svn repository up and running, but it’s even better if you can get the source straight from the git repository.

      Also, I put the multiview work on hold for a bit, but I’m slowly resuming the work. You should already be possible to use the implemented features though.

      By the way, how is your display? People “bash” passive displays due to their poor resolution (half the native resolution), but I feel that for long work periods the trade off is worth (comparing to the flickering of active ones).

      All the best

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