Curriculum Vitae

Hello there, you found one of the most praised sections of an artist website. I’ve been doing a lot of coding recently so this is hard to demonstrate in the portfolio. For those projects you can find more informations in the blog itself. Here a small selection of the most interesting projects I’ve been working on.

For my coding work you can also check my github.

Last updated on September 2015.

Projetos de 2015

Projetos de 2014

  • BlenderVR – Joined the core development team for a 1-year long collaboration
  • Blender as a Mission Preparation Tool for Drones [presentation]

Projetos de 2013


  • UBC Fisheries Centre – Scientific Visualization pipeline (video by Mike Pan):

Projetos de 2012

  • Oracle – visualizing global ocean data in a friendly framework. Prepared for the AAAS – international scientific conference hosted in Vancouver, Canada. Work realized with digital artist Oscar Baechler.

Projetos de 2011

Projetos de 2010

  • Ted Talk : “Daniel Pauly: The Ocean’s Shifting Baseline”. Final slide made in Blender to illustrate the possibility of using computer graphics to simulate unaccessible/inexistent  underwater scenarios. Imaged based on work from 2009, Life in the Chesapeake Bay.

Projetos de 2009

Portfolio 2008

This is my old graphic arts portfolio.

I tried to collect a sample of different works I’ve developed by then. Some of them are academic projects for my degree in architecture, some were done during my set design internship and a few as freelancer.

Desenho Técnico
Levantamento Fotogramétrico
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Perspectivas com VRay
Ilustração Vetorial
Perspectivas com o Blender
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