Cosmic Sensation

This is a big project I worked on back in 2010. It was so big and so nice, that it deserves its own page in my site.

Cosmic particles, sensors, dome and Blender, how not to love it?

Also I often talk about this project, but I was yet to write it nicely in a post, with pictures, …
For the time been I put together this page with the links for videos, the presentation in the Blender Conference 2010, an article in the blendernation about it, an interview …

Cosmic Sensation

Photos on Flickr, at Mike Pan’s account

Click on the image above for more pictures (or for a small selection, check the images available in the BConf2010 slides).

Making long short

Cosmic Sensation : “Experiencing Cosmic Rays with Blender in a Fulldome”. Blender Game Engine visualization for a 3 night event in Utrecht (Netherlands). More details in the official site or this press-release. Work realized with digital artists Mike Pan and Martins Upitis.

Recording of the event

Small article explaining the project

The official website

Blender Conference 2010 talk

Presentation parte 1:
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Presentation parte 2:

Presentation parte 3:

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